Frisco TK Roofing Repair is a company that provides the commercial and residential property owners in the area with a range of useful services. We are located in Frisco, TX and have been in the industry for over 30 years now. Over that time, we not only learned a lot but also perfected our skills. This is why, today, we are able to do all kinds of roof repairs, which is also what we want to talk about on this page.

A Roof Repair Service Provider Like No Other!

Have you noticed wet spots on your ceiling? There are some shingle parts on the ground around your house? In this any many other cases, we can lend you a helping hand. There are many roofing problems that may occur with time and because of some natural disasters. However, to prevent major issues from occurring, you need to book a roofing service at least twice every year and have the roof thoroughly inspected. When doing that, we, from Frisco TK Roofing Repair, will find all the problem areas and tell you what needs to be repaired.

Whenever you need an inspection or are positive that your roof has to be repaired, give us a call right away. We will send a roofer or a team of reliable contractors who will be able to help you out. Each member of our team is trained to handle different problems with roofs of different kinds. We know how to find from where a leak started and have the knowledge and skills needed to fix it. In addition, we can replace missing, cracked, or rotten shingles with new ones and fix loose materials near the vents and pipes.

Have any questions about the roof repairs we do? Need to book our service? In either case, if you live in Frisco, TX or any of the surrounding areas, you should get in touch with us by calling (972) 525-0714. We stand by for your calls!

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